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INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY OF E.B.I.T  (Energy based integrative therapy).

 I believe that the orient was blessed with intuition and insight into the nature of the soul and the west was gifted with a more pragmatic intelligence.  In the late eighteenth century as cultures and intellectual exchanges became easier ideas and influences crossed over.

The early nineteenth century saw the advent of psychology and the sciences embraced the field of human behaviour and began its voyage into the throes of the human mind, the conscious and unconscious. There were many western thinkers who looked to the east for inspiration as it was well known that an eastern sage known as Gautama the Buddha had supposedly found the key to end the suffering of man.  He clearly stated that how the human mind caught in the web of desire creates his own suffering.

Three millennia later Sigmund Freud was to find psychoanalysis and give the world an account of how our unconscious desires and identifications ruled our responses and choices in life.  One of his many students was a man named Wilheim Reich who was a man of science and medicine. But he graduated towards the belief that there was an underlying energy that permeates existence, that was capable of balancing and bestowing wellbeing on any one who believed in harnessing it and that human suffering was essentially the damming up of this energy.

Though Reich died early at the age of fifty seven in an American prison he had sown the seeds of exposing people to the benefits of using the body and the breath to release deep underlying trauma that would otherwise take years to be released in conventional therapy.  He inspired a large number of psychologists and therapists such as Dr Andrew lowen to create therapies based on the mind body phenomen.

These views though more precise in nature have a strain of the same seeds that the orients such as Pantajali had mentioned in the Yoga sutras.

In early 2000 I was exposed to a wonderful milieu of eastern thought and western therapy at the Osho commune in Pune,India. Osho or Bhagwan as he was infamously called was deeply interested in combining western therapy with eastern meditative methods. He realised that the modern man was carrying tremendous amounts of conditioning and therefore the old methods of meditation would not work. To pave the way for meditation one must release or get rid of the garbage that one was carrying. I had been a meditator all my life but my response to the challenges of daily life were very inadequate therefore his message resonated very strongly with me.  Within a short period of time I started feeling integrated and became sensitive to people's energies around me.  I was able to identify with some practice that if one paid attention to oneself and others one can almost sense the baggage of emotions and trauma that a person was carrying.

These observations further led to the discovery that the human psyche builds itself on a defence i.e that we build ourselves on negative emotions.  As the psyche preserves these because they challenge our survival. This was a key realisation because it made me realise that if a person could go to that particular  instance when he adopted the negative defence or neurosis it would get undone.  Even though the memory of the response would remain for sometime with continued awareness the problem could be weeded out.

It also gave me the realisation why all the enforcement of positivity and joyfulness that the meditation gurus were preaching never worked because the structure of the ego was built on defence.

Whilst I was in the process of translating these realisations into a method that could imbibe my findings and create some sort of modus operandi I met Isabelle Fraisseix who showed a keen interest to learn the work and helped me formulate the work further. Hence E.B.I.T (Energy based integrative therapy) was was born.


The modus operandi though simple is something that comes with practice and discipline. We have come to know that the life force of the person traverses through his chakras and carries imprints of the trauma that the person has experienced.  (The seven chakras have a close relationship with the endocrine system of the body, each of the chakras correlates to one of the glands). If you are trained on how to observe the flow of this energy from a person's crown to his lower abdomen you can get a wealth of information on the person's current state of mind and may even perceive some very in-depth traits because each chakra represents a particular aspect of the person's life.

For example the heart space in the Center of the chest will most likely carry any emotional trauma that one may be experiencing.  A block in the throat area will most likely show you that the person is inhibited in self expression. There are several other indicators and their correlating problems and usually the first meeting is a platform to create a channel of communication and a common ground between ourselves and the individual seeking help.

Once we have identified a common ground with the person seeking help we can then take them on a deeper journey of self awareness and healing.

Usually after the first consultation a exercise or a specific meditation is designed for the person (don't like to use the word client) as we firmly believe healing is a two way street and without the intent of the individual to heal, it will be very difficult to bring about wellbeing to the person's life.

E.B.I.T is now being practiced in France as well as the UK. 

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