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"I have had the opportunity to work with Krrish as a client and as a colleague and both have been deeply enriching. As a client I found Krrish’ style unique, in that, he has a way to heighten your awareness, awaken your sub conscious which is empowering.  So much so, when I embarked on the journey to set up my own NGO, I invited Krrish to serve on our advisory board and we recently launched our first program, the Sangha. An online sacred space to battle some of the challenges of isolation & separation due to the Pandemic . While I designed the blue print of the Sangha, it has taken flight due to the wind (Krrish ) beneath its wings.  We now have 3 Sanghas with over 12 people part of our collective space and our members find it deep, sacred and almost spacious thanks to Krrish’s ability to delicately address  issues and challenges individually and collectively that empowers people to move mountains.."

Rima Kohli

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